Making Men Manly Again

In a culture that's having an identity crisis, it's time for men to man up and be who God designed them to be. Gather with like-minded men for a night of food, a strong message and ministry. It's time to get prepared and take action.

Stay tuned for the date of the next Man Up!

Join a Group

Guy's Night

We will gather on Monday nights to connect with a community of like minded Christian men as we fellowship together and strengthen our faith through being the men God designed us to be. Come on out for some food and fellowship with the Fellas of Grace!

Military Spouse Connect

This small group exists to support, encourage and build up the military spouses of Grace. Whether you are new to military spouse life or if you have experience with numerous deployments, this group is here to uplift and support you.

Military Couples Connect

This group is specifically for military couples and families to strengthen their relationship with God, each other, and a community of other military families at Grace.

Men's Breakfast

Come join us every first Saturday of the month for Men's breakfast! Start the day with some good food, and fellowship with our men of faith.