Worship at the Beach

OUR PURPOSE: We are hosting worship and baptisms at the beach, and we can't be more excited. What is our goal? To reach as many people with the gospel as we possibly can. We hope you will attend, and more importantly, invite your family and friends who need to know Christ! Let's not wait for people to come to the church, let's take the church to them. All are welcome.

LOCATION: Robert Frazee State Beach in Carlsbad

TIME: We will start worship at 6:30pm followed by testimonies and a call to salvation. We will immediately follow with baptisms in the ocean. Parking is always a challenge, so leave time for you to find a parking space.

WHAT TO BRING: Most people will probably stand, but feel free to bring blankets, chairs and towels to help those who will spontaneously get baptized.

COVID-19: We are encouraging social distancing and masks. But because of the message of the gospel and the need to lay on hands for prayer and water baptisms, we will be getting into close proximity with those who need this. If you are immune compromised or uncomfortable with this, wear a mask and keep your distance. We respect that. But the gospel must be preached, hope must be offered, salvation must be presented and the opportunity or water baptism must continue.